Tiama Chaar

Medical Science Liaison - Sanofi Genzyme

Tiama has several years of experience in hematology oncology area. She studied in multiple countries including Lebanon,USA and France where she got a bachelor degree in Biology and biochemistry and another bachelor degree in Molecular and cell Biology, between Paris and NY she finished her master degree in Genetics, before pursing with a PhD in Paris VII university where she studied the oncogenesis and molecular-genetic insights of T-cell Leukemia, and finally worked at Pasteur institute as postdoctoral fellow on B and T cell Lymphomas.

She recently left Paris and came to New York to become a Medical Science Liaison. After a solid understanding of the industry, the companies and the role through trainings, conferences and networking, she became more convinced that the MSL role fits her passion her goals and her skills. She is now an Oncology MSL at Sanofi with TMAC in the North east region, looking to prove herself as a liaison to health care professionals and professional organizations to build a portfolio to get more credibility in the MSL community, and cultivate a network of experts in her disease areas.

In her 6 years as a researcher Tiama established relationships with physicians and was routinely engaged in scientific discussions with academic oncologists and hematologists, she also developed project management abilities, as she worked and got results on three projects and mentored graduate and undergraduate students. This work environment allowed her to excel as a team player as well as a proven self-starter, where she provided scientific support as In-house expert for genetic analysis and experimental procedures.

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