About The MSL Society Women's Summit

Why Attend The MSL Society Women’s Summit?

Research from the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association demonstrates that the pharmaceuticals industry performs better than other industries in providing career opportunities for women. Despite this, women are under-represented at global and executive management levels. The MSL Society Salary Surveys also show that on average, male medical science liaisons typically earn more than female medical science liaisons.

Female medical science liaisons also face specific challenges. These include balancing parenting and travel. This summit will address this challenge, and the other key forces behind female key progression female development and progression, such as marketing yourself for management and promotion, developing confidence, and positioning yourself as a peer and thought leader amongst KOLS.

Presentation Topics Include:

  • ■ Balancing family commitments and a busy travel schedule
  • ■ Positioning yourself as a scientific peer and thought leader
  • ■ Developing confidence in engaging with KOLs
  • ■ Managing awkward KOL scenarios and conversations
  • ■ Marketing yourself for management and leadership
  • ■ Arguing with male colleagues in a constructive manner
  • ■ Identifying mentors and building a strong professional network
  • ■ The extent of gender bias and pay gap in the MSL role
  • ■  Paths to executive leadership positions

Who Will You Meet At The Summit?

  • ■ MSL Leaders who will share their paths to success
  • ■ MSL Managers looking to accelerate their careers
  • ■ MSLs engaging with KOLs on a daily basis
  • ■ Training professionals looking to foster female leadership
  • ■ Technology and solutions providers to improve the productivity of your MSL team

Structured Networking Sessions:

Conferences and summits provide a unique opportunity to meet like-minded professionals, share best practices and build your professional network. Often though, during the networking breaks you fail to connect with the people that share similar challenges and experiences. 

New this year, we will be structuring the coffee breaks to ensure our attendees gain the most value from the networking sessions. During the networking breaks we will be organizing pre-arranged meetings, giving you a chance to connect with the right people in the audience. There will also be discussion tables, allowing you to discuss the topics in detail that matter most.

If you want to lead a discussion table, or have a topic in mind let us know.