MSL Society 2017 Candidate Career Conference

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The 2017 Medical Science Liaison Society Candidate Career Conference is part of the highly acclaimed Medical Science Liaison Society Conference Series. The conference is exclusively for candidates and is led by MSL leaders and hiring managers. The conference offers, training and networking opportunities for aspiring medical science liaisons.
Through keynote presentations and interactive panel sessions you will learn exactly what hiring managers look for in candidates. You will also meet recently hired medical science liaisons, who will share their strategies for entering the profession and provide information on what it’s like being new to the field.
We draw upon our extensive networks and industry experience to deliver this conference. By attending, you will have a much greater understanding of what it takes to be a medical science liaison, and the skill set to advance your career.
Join us and break into your first MSL role.



Early bird prices are available until May 12, 2017. Register now to guarantee your discounted attendance.

$400 Early-Bird – Members Pass
  • Full access to the conference.
  • Coffee Breaks + lunch.
  • Evening networking reception.
  • Access to the presentation slides after the conference.
$500 Early-Bird – Non-Members Pass
  • Full access to the conference.
  • Coffee breaks + lunch.
  • Evening networking reception.
  • Access to the presentation slides after the conference.
$580 Combined MSL Society Membership Pass
  • Full access to the conference.
  • Light breakfast + lunch.
  • Evening networking drinks.
  • Access to the presentation slides after the conference.
  • One year's subscription to the MSL Society.
  • Copy of Dr. Samuel Dyer's Book - The Medical Science career Guide: How To Break Into Your First Role.


100% dedicated to and focused on MSL Candidates!
Networking: Interact live and in-person with highly successful MSLs and MSL managers – How many MSLs or Managers do you personally know today? (you will know several after the conference!)
Confidence: Build self-confidence to go through the intense MSL interview process – Do you know how to speak like an MSL?
Learn: Gain a complete understanding of what it takes to successfully break into your first MSL role! – Most candidates fail to make it through the application process. Do you know why?
Answers: Get answers to all your personal questions related to breaking into the MSL career. – Do you know what it takes to break in?
Skills: Learn the essential skills necessary for success in the interview process and as an MSL in the field. – Do you know what it is? (hint-it’s NOT about science!)
Tools: Additional tools and resources for all attendees including a 1 year membership to the MSL Society and a copy of “The Medical Science Liaison Career Guide: How to Break Into Your First Role!”
Photo: Professional photo for your LinkedIn profile. We will have a professional photographer who will be taking photos for those interested during the breaks.
Preparation: We put together a FAQ page on what to do (and not to do) during the conference, including what to wear, how to prepare etc., in order to maximize your experience.
Speakers: All speakers are hiring managers and recently hired MSLs. They will share what hiring managers expect, and strategies for entering the profession.  


During this very interactive conference, you will gain a complete understanding of what it takes to successfully break into the highly competitive Medical Science Liaison career. Topics that will be addressed include:

  • What is an MSL role and what do they do
  • How hundreds of MSLs broke into their first role
  • What makes an MSL successful and competencies
  • What “Off-Label” means and how it impact MSLs
  • The Drug Approval Process in the U.S. and how MSLs are involved
  • How to research the role, companies and hiring managers
  • How to effectively network with MSLs and hiring managers
  • Why most applications get rejected and what you can do about it
  • The proper format and what to include in your CV
  • What salary to expect as a new MSL
  • How to address your lack of MSL experience
  • What MSL hiring managers are looking for from a candidate



Complimentary Copy
$50 Value

The Medical Science Liaison Career Guide: How to Break into Your First Role will show you, step by step, how to search for, apply, and interview for your first MSL role. The book reveals strategies for standing apart from the competition, what hiring managers look for when considering candidates, and what gets the right candidates hired.

“Having interviewed and hired countless MSLs, I am sure that Dr. Dyer’s book will be an excellent resource for MSL job-seekers. Dr. Dyer demystifies the process for individuals looking to break into the MSL role and provides practical advice and guidance. Not only does he cover the basics in terms of the job search and interview preparation, but he also provides a pragmatic approach to using social media. This book is sure to become a go-to reference for MSL applicants!”

DONNA HOLDER – Senior Director, Global MSL Excellence

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1- year membership to the MSL Society
$290 Value

MSL Society membership will provide numerous valuable resources to help you understand the MSL role and learn how to speak the language of the role during interviews. Benefits of MSL Society membership include:

  • Unlimited complimentary full reports and slides of global research and surveys conducted by the MSL Society including:
    • 1st ever global MSL Salary and Compensation survey
    • 2015 MSL Performance & Competencies Report
    • 2015 Global MSL Job Satisfaction Survey
    • 2015 Global MSL KPI and Metrics Survey
  • Complimentary digital subscription to our recently launched peer-reviewed journal – The MSL: Journal of the Medical Science Liaison Society
  • Access to the recordings of all of our webinars from our new “MSL Expert Webinar” series
  • Increased Member Discount to attend all live MSL Society conferences
  • A Discount for our Professional MSL Board Certification